Multi-faceted preparation

Physical fitness

In addition to simulator training and physical test days in the car, Spike has a physical fitness program which includes aerobic and anaerobic activity including cycling, strength training to increase overall fitness and prepare for the physical demands of wrangling cars around a circuit.

This is supplemented by using data and video analysis from races to review both physical fitness and driving performance.


Spike’s skill development began in 2009 when he began working with esteemed race coach Michael Reedy. Michael’s expertise and experience across various racing formats has helped developed Spike into the well-rounded, cross-discipline driver that he is today.

Ongoing skill development includes both on-track and simulator sessions, with the latter being performed mainly in R-Factor, Race Room, and Assetto Corsa. This allows flexibility to race different tracks and vehicles from the convenience of a custom-built sim environment, leveraging the realism to provide insight into the layouts and features of unfamiliar tracks before race day.



“There’s no glamour in things like stretching and hydrating regimens, but it’s all part of race prep… especially after being crammed in a plane seat the day before.”